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The Graduation Program in Hematology was created in 1978 at Escola Paulista de Medicina (EPM), in both master's and doctorate categories, and since the beginning its main objective was the dissemination of knowledge of Hematology through the training of professionals to act as teachers and researchers in Brazilian universities. In 2007 the Department of Clinical and Experimental Oncology of UNIFESP was created and the Discipline of Hematology and Hemotherapy became part of this Department. In December 2018 the graduation course name changed from “Medicine (Hematology)” to “Medicine (Hematology and Oncology)”. Current coordinators are Professor Gisele Colleoni (who had already coordinated the program between 2008 and 2012) and Professor Alex Freire Sandes (graduated from the program and recently accredited).


General objective: Dissemination of scientific knowledge and training of professors and researchers, working in Brazil and abroad, in the areas of Hematology and Oncology.
Specific objectives: Development of high quality research; Contribution to research innovation;Development and /or increasing new options of laboratory techniques; To study the characteristics of hematopoietic pluripotent cells through cellular and molecular biology techniques, as well as to identify and / or increase the applicability of this cell in the treatment of different diseases; Dissemination of knowledge in this area by forming competent researchers;Improvement of the quality of teaching related to Hematology and Oncology; Present scientific research to undergraduate students.


The Curricular Courses of this Program are annual, with weekly meetings, without a fixed thematic grid, but with themes related to the problems encountered in the daily experience of the graduate students, both at the ambulatory and laboratory level. These meetings are held in a variety of formats, from classical oral presentations to discussions of articles or basic texts and seminar presentations by graduate students. There are also classic courses, with weekly classes, in the 1st or 2nd semester of the year. These are: Introduction to Molecular Biology; Research Methodology in Hematology and Oncology and Flow Cytometry in Hematology. The Courses of Statistics and Medical Ethics are held in specific EPM chairs, which provide these subjects to all postgraduate students enrolled in the various programs of the institution.
We have 13 sponsors in Hematology, Oncology (three of them in non-hematological Oncology):
Alex Sandes - collaborator (Oncology)

Celso Arrais (Hematology and Oncology)

Elvira Shinohara (Hematology)

Fábio Kerbauy (Oncology)

Gisele Colleoni (Oncology)

José Orlando Bordin (Hematology);

Otávio Baiocchi (Oncology)

José Salvador Oliveira (Oncology)

Sílvia Toledo (Oncology)

Maria Stella Figueiredo (Hematology)

Raphael Araújo (Oncology)

Mariana Lazarini(Oncology)

Clarissa Rocha (Oncology)


Every year, in November, we open the invitation to register new students (

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